Audio Activist Ep.2- Warda Khokhar

First of apologies for this being so long in production, this has been floating around on my hard drive in various forms for a good three months now, but only finally got round to finding the time to piece it together earlier this week. As with the previous episode at some point the audio quality is less than great, my apologies to both the listener and Warda, with whom this interesting conversation was conducted at the Royal Society of Medicine, London.

Image available from:

I’d finished the editing before yesterday, and therefore their is nothing on it about the tragic loss of Jo Cox, Labour MP for Batley and Spen, who was murdered yesterday on her way to a constituency clinic. My thought are with her family and constituents today as the morn the untimely passing of someone who truly believed in making this world a better place.  May we never forget this tragic loss, but continue to carry on making the world a fairer place for everybody.

Follow the link below to hear this episode of Audio Activist:




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