Taxation 300: MPs vote to carry on ignoring systemic avoidance.

My Mp is against fair taxation, but she’s not alone when 300 others, do not think that a full investigation into the Mossack Fonseca tax haven documents are beyond the interest of their constituents.

With local elections just around the corner, I’ve received a fair few leaflets from incumbent and aspiring conservative¬† councillors. All of whom argue their hands are tied when it comes to council tax raises ( but that continued support for them will see them fight hard on usual local issues).

There is some hypocrisy here. In as far as Suella Fernandes voted to cut funds from her like minded county councillors, leading to a rise in said council taxes. Money that on top of other things could come from the currently unaddressed tax avoidance.

Its sad that when news breaks about such tax avoidance the British public, aided and abetted by the media, spends half a second on the critical point that something needs to be done to stop this, and hours gawking at the who’s who of the involved.

Tax avoidance, like the piracy of music and film costs billions. But unlike the latter, of whom, from the adverts at the start of DVD’s, shifty market stall owners flogging fakes to those who are priced out of culture by circumstance and poor pay are guilty of. Taxes avoidance is commuted by those with more than enough to spare.

It is also a global problem. Whilst it irks me people can get away with it, I can only imagine the damage and anguish it brings to tax avoidance activists in countries with less stable economies. Places where that missing money is the difference between paved roads and hospitals, full stop, as opposed to improved services like in the UK.

Which brings me in a round about way to the academisation of schools, currently passing through the different levels of the palace of Westminster. There’s no real way to get around the fact that academisation is education privatisation, a way for the conservatives to balance the books in the face of spiralling costs.

Schools under the present system are financed by council tax, as mentioned earlier another cut to the budget. Money that could quite easily be found, in some part to rebuild a system designed to give all children a ‘fair’ start in life.

The failure of 300 elected representatives to vote for a full investigation of the Panama leaks is a missed opportunity. Learning how these systems work is the first step to closing them down. Closing them down means that globally everybody can live in a society where those who can, do. Helping their fellows to reach their potential, rather than struggle to shine.

Did your MP wrongly decide you weren’t interested in fighting tax avoidance effectively? The link below details how MPs voted, if they failed you let them know with the email template under the link.

Dear *,

I was disappointed to see you voted against a further investigation into the Montana Fosseka tax haven leaks on the 13th April.

As you well know tax avoidance like the actions publicised in the Panama papers cost the UK and other countries in billions of unpaid tax bills. The money from these unpaid tax bills could be used to protect public institutions like education and health, whose budgets are frequently being cut.

I would like you to push for a full investigation into tax avoidance schemes that contributes to the unfair tax system the UK currently operates. As well as to work towards appropriate prosecution of all individual, no matter status or political persuasion, found to be involved in such schemes.



(contact details for your MP can be found at )
* put your MPs name here ( don’t bother with rt.hon or mp, this reaffirms the idea that they hold a status above you, when they are after all people)

** put your name here.


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