Frequently Asked Questions by the production team of Audio Activist.

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Why are you doing this?

So ICS requires every returning volunteer to do something when they get home, to ‘improve’ their local area and community. After a few months of solid vegetation on the sofa, I’ve come to the conclusion that this isn’t big enough. Therefore, I’m launching Audio Activist Podcast, to help others to think more about the world they’re living in, and get more involved in their surroundings.

What is your inspiration for this project?

Prior to departing for Tanzania I bought myself a little wind up world radio, just to keep up to date on global news, and for a little light entertainment. For the majority of the trip, that was my link to things happening in the wider world. The world services odd mix of global news became a real life line. So I suppose that’s where the audio part comes from.

The conversation part comes from Charlie 2. Morning chats on current affairs in hotel Jacksons elaborate dining room. Random chats about the state of the country, what we thought needed to be done. Informal politics classes, to and from Iwale primary schools, that let us work on our ideas. Sure we talked about other trivial stuff, and there was a fair amount of British complaining to fill our quota, but at the end of the day we were all there for our own political reasons.

That’s where the conversations come from, I want to give listeners a chance to try on other people’s ideas, share them around a bit. I hope that in each episode there is a moment where the listener is like wow somebody else is thinking about this. To help build a community of people who are just out there living their life, with one eye on the heart of their local community.

How’s it going?

Um well I’ve got the first two recorded.  I was in London for a couple of days, and I just got in contact with the people who I thought would be a good fit for what I wanted to do.
There’ve been a few technical hiccup’s on account of my inexperience, but I’ve tried to rectify them as best as I can.
I’ve got a few more in the pipeline which I’m hoping to get to record fairly soon, when time and budget allows.

When and Where can I listen to Audio Activist?

The first Episode is going to go live about midday on 15th April 2015. It’s more or less ready to go, I’m just doing a few little tweaks. It’ll be up on digital archive, but I’ll post links on Facebook ( and Twitter ( I’m looking at how to get it onto iTunes, but at the moment that seems like an expensive option, and  I’d rather not have sponsors on the show. Episode two is a little further off, but I hope to get it up for a fortnight after the first episode.

How can I help?

Listen. That’ll be a massive help.
I want it to be an open platform, what I really want is people to listen and then think firstly what they can do with the information they just got, who they can share it with. I’d also love people who listen to come on the show, talk about what there beliefs. It’s a pretty relaxed affair; I went into the first two episodes with one question. This doesn’t get asked till the end.
But yeah I suppose I want people to:

A) listen

B) get involved in some way.


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