WTP001: Summer Holiday Writing Project

A long time ago, when I was in primary school we took one of our many holidays to Australia. It was around about the time of the 2000 Olympics (because my scrap book of the journey has the games mascots on its cover). A condition placed on us by the school was that we should make a scrap book of our travels, so as to make up the week or so that we would be missing.

A decade and a bit later and I’m preparing (honestly, I’ll pack my suitcase in a minuet) to set out again. My mum and my brother now live in Australia, so seeing them is a pretty rare occurrence. My brother is planning to come back to the UK to get an Art Degree, and is supposed to be working on a portfolio to show prospective universities.

Whilst eating breakfast a few weeks ago I was thinking how we should both really increase our out put, I thought maybe we should challenge ourselves to fill a note book whilst we were together.

New Note pad for Singapore 2015 New Note pad for Singapore 2015

Then I, rather dangerously for that time in the morning, had an idea:
At least once a day for the duration of our short time together we will settle upon on aspect of out environment, Harry (my brother) will seek to illustrate it whilst I will either write about it, or work it into some sort of narrative (Of which I’m yet to decide). The real challenge will be that we will hold ourselves to a time limit, for example if we’re waiting for a train we’ll give ourselves something like 5 minuets, after which we’ll finish the line and that will be that.

Depending on how it goes we might allow ourselves the luxury of a half an hour touch up period in the evenings. We’ll have to see how it goes, its an ever evolving idea that is yet to have been put in motion.

My writing efforts will definitely be available here, I’m unsure about the accompanying art work, for that you may well have to check out Harry’s site (https://harrydrandall.wordpress.com/) or seeking him out on Twittter @Wiggles2797  (It might even encourage him to embrace the medium.)


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