Getting Ready

Old Name , New Meaning.

Working Title Presents was originally a very unorganized Monday morning radio show at

Since then it’s host has decided that he’d really rather like to move his disorganized style to the world of writing, so this is that.

Being so disorganized, other than knowing that some of his writings will inevitably, unashamedly be published here, he has no idea what this will entail, or how long this period will last for.

Therefore, he requests that you enjoy it for what it is, whilst it is, and where it is (being here).

At some point he’ll also stop writing in the third person, but he started of in this way, and the voice in his head that speaks as he writes is rather enjoying the grandiose nature of it all.

but that’s not right now as he’s off to make a brew, on the hottest day of the year so far.


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